CRE Dataworks is a Construction and Real Estate (CRE) Professional Services Group focused on application software covering the life cycle of a building.

Estimating – Proposal

Leveraging Sage’s ever popular Estimating program, CRE Dataworks has developed Proposal/ Quoting applications


General contractors ability to manage the sea of sub contractorsalong with the demands of the owner presenting challenging opportunities for the proper implementation and support of an accounting/operational system.


From the developer’s perspective, a multi-entity, single purpose entity (SEP) application is essential to the Financial and Operational success of a Land Development.


If you’re a specialty subcontractor, you are keenly aware of the requirements bestowed upon your trade as the labor tracking and material delivery needs are vital to the success of your projects.

Service Operations

Service Requests, Work Orders, Maintenance Agreements, and Dispatching Requirements are the essential workflow requirements that culminate into timely billing and cash receipts.

Asset/Property Management

Whether you are an Owner/Manager, Fee Manager, or a combination of both,the ability to effectively manage the dynamics of rentable space/units of a building range from rentrolls to budgeting/forecasting is a key element of an integrated system.

About Us

The principal and consultants of CRE Dataworks have worked with numerous construction and property management clients for over twenty-five years assisting with system selections, conversions, definition of workflow procedures, and increasing software utilization and customization.

Prior to creating Dataworks, the principal worked for international accounting firms as financial auditors and management consultants. Dataworks’ entire staff has worked with private and publically traded corporations providing intuitive and valuable accounting, consulting, and custom software development services.

Your company will benefit from Dataworks staff members’ total experience, as well as knowledge of real estate development and management systems, and an understanding of general information reporting procedures and automation.
The members of Dataworks are extremely familiar with your company circumstances and will help provide the detailed advice and assistance needed in order to realize the productivity gains promised through the use of technology.

Sage 300 CRE formally Timberline Software dealer affiliates:
Alliance Solutions Group
Kerr Consulting
United Solutions Group
Constructive Solutions

Our Consulting Team

David Diemer | SQL

Managing Member
13th Consultant Certified

35 years industry experience
Bachelors in Business Administration

Core Accounting
Property Management: Project Management
Business Process Diagnostics
Third Party Development
Custom Software Design/Integration
Development Management
Applied Technology

Janelle Baca

Senior Consultant
25 years industry experience

Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting

Core Accounting
Report Designer
Error Correction

Tammy Pronenko

Senior Consultant
25 years industry experience
Associates in Business Administration and Accounting

Core Accounting
Accounting & Auditing
Daily Workflow and Procedures

Jim Snell

Senior Consultant
30 years industry experience
Bachelors in Management and Finance

Core Accounting
Home/Land Development Building
General Contracting
Trade Specialty Constructors
Property Management
Financial Management
Process Audit and Automation
Report Writing
Sage Report Designer
My Assistant
Office Connector

Kregg Berry | SQL Only

Senior Software Engineer
35 years industry experience
Bachelors in Management/Information Technology

Software Design
Implementation and Support

C-Sharp (C#)
SQL Server

Jason Webber | SQL Only

Senior Software Engineer
15 years industry experience
Bachelors in Computer Science

Software Design
Implementation and Support

C-Sharp (C#)
Crystal Reports
Excel Add ins
Ei Dynamics
SQL Server

Robert Virga, CPA | SQL

Senior Consultant
30 years of industry experience
Bachelors in Accounting

Certified Public Accountant
Core Accounting
Property Management: Accounting and Analysis
Software Implementation
Custom Software Programming
Process Automation

SQL Server
VB 6.0
Lotus Notes/Domino
C-Sharp (C#)

Stuart Eigler

Senior Consultant
35 years industry experience
Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting

Certified Public Accountant-1982
Core Accounting
Home Building
General Contracting
Financial Management

Client Services

Our Sage 300 CRE certified consultants and systems/programming engineers are available to assist in the following disciplines:


Companies in the building industry succeed in carrying out projects on time and on budget. Accounting is the backbone of which Dataworks can supports your growth. Our collective experience in augmenting your staff with a skill set in essential areas as:

  • Month end closing procedures and reconciliation.
  • Certified Payroll
  • Insurance compliance
  • Lien processing
  • WIP Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
Training/Utilization Services: 80/20 rule

Do you believe that 80 percent of the users use 20% of the software or that 80% of your companies application software needs is satisfied 20 % of the software.

Our position is a bit of both. Coupled with the ‘human element’, companies tend to stick with what they know and develop elaborate work arounds to get what they need.

At Dataworks we can assist in evaluating your current business process and utilization to determine how best to maximize your use of the software.

Policies and Procedures Review/Check-Up

By having someone from the outside looking in can yield valuable insight into how both your accounting and operations are working. We can perform a survey of selected processes and identify and recommend areas of improvement and best practices. In some cases it could be as simple as to document the existing workflow procedures.

Report Writing

Getting data/information out of your system is where the value of your system comes into play. We have various methods tools that can help you achieve this.

Out of box applications: Financial Designer, Inquiry/Report Designer

Third Party applications: Crystal, Microsoft SQL Server Report Services (SSRS)

Excel – Event 1 Excel based reporting

One key getting this information is to have it in the system, back to the 80-20 rule. The rule of thumb is that if the data is in the system you can report on. What we need to be sure of is that what is in the system is good data. Hence the term GIGO.,_garbage_out

Data Extraction/Warehousing

Dataworks will help define and create a Data Warehouse or work with an existing ware house consisting of a consolidated depository of relational data sourced from various applications.

Some of the benefits will allow us to present the information through consistent views/queries. This will support the decision making process through a centralized data model.

Mobile Workflow and Automation Solutions

There are some Sage 300 CRE users who want to maintain their company data locally and want to cost effectively deploy secure mobile workflow solutions within their local Sage server environment. For these folks they were able to evolve and enhance Sage 300 CRE cost effectively and securely extend its data to your customers, vendors and employees via the web. Ei Dynamics –

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

ETL bridge the gap between the core ERP and outside ancillary applications. These applications can move data either direction.

Recent Examples:

Direct Supply DSSI -> Accounts Payable Invoice

  • This feed/Extract aggregates invoices received from the Provider’s electronic commerce Suppliers and automatically integrates into the Provider’s accounts payable system.  Each product is assigned a GL code at the time of purchase so it will be properly assigned within the accounting system.

The ETL application takes the Extract, formats (Transforms) and imports (Loads) the AP invoice.
InTempo -> Accounts Receivable Invoice

Construction Equipment Rental System. Rental contracts can be customized for each customer, with periodic invoicing for long term rentals.

Payroll Employee 401K data extract-> (Integrated Benefit files) 
that conforms to Bank of America Merrill Lynch specifications.

Private Cloud Applications

Daily Project/Job production quantities and labor inputs. Provide Management with Job level and drill down budget verse actual information. Labors hours are gathered and ultimately imported into Sage 300. The unimported time is reported as ‘virtual’ time while production quantities are entered at a task/activity level defined at each Job/cost code.

Client Server Applications

Insurance tracking and compliance reporting for property management companies.

Allows for the entry and maintenance of both tenant and vendor certificate information.

Record both the qualitative and quantitative insurance requirements of the company and the insurance certificates provided by the tenant or vendor. The statistical summary report will indicate, on a single page, how many leases are in compliance, out of compliance, or are completely lacking insurance. Additional reports provide lease level detail to support the statistical summary.

IT/Server Site Survey Services

Dataworks partners with an established group of specialists that are focused on working with Sage 300 clients:

 Since 1986, Computer Specialists, Inc. has been providing complete networking solutions to businesses in California. CSI is a full service Networking Solution provider offering our clients the top level of expertise in all aspects of networking sales, service and installation. Our goal is to assist our clients in becoming more profitable by implementing business computer solutions that make them more productive. 

To ensure our high standards of excellence, CSI only hires experienced Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MSCE).  Our company philosophy promotes ongoing personal growth by providing the tools and environment necessary for continuous education in management and technical engineering skills. In addition, CSI has partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sonicwall, Hewlett Packard, & Symantec. 

CSI is committed to offering our clients the highest level of excellence and professionalism in every service we provide. Whether we are providing a complete network design and installation, on-site service and support, or turnkey internet solutions, at CSI, we believe that a company’s reputation is everything. We are proud to acknowledge that over 90% of our clients come to us by way of referral or through our dealer alliances program. We always welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why so many companies have entrusted CSI with their computing needs.

John Doran – President

             Computer Specialists, Inc.



Lance C.

All of the custom applications you developed have saved us an unbelievable amount of time.

Jon B.

The custom applications which you have developed for us, allowed us to seamlessly integrate our process mapping and systems improvements programs in a timely and effective manner-Thanks

Greg G.

The custom applications which were developed bridged the gap between our system’s native abilities and our needs as an organization. This in turn has ensured timely and effective completion of our vital processes.

George W.

The product you provided when you developed our Requisition and Purchasing system has exceeded our expectations.

Robert P.

To do the work of the custom applications you developed would take two full time equivalent employees.

Jim T.

I will explain what we need from a custom application and out comes something extraordinary.

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